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Laptop Chip Level Training

Laptop Chip Level training is a one of the major training in motherboard level where students learn about internal architecture level and associated with hardware and different kinds of latest chip level boards.The Person who wants to start own business or change or upgrade knowledge from other industries can also learn all belongs to interest and passion only.The Scope of this course is very high and more value.

The best way to learn chip level training is more practically less theoritical is good for learning and gaining knowledge with well experienced trainers as well.

The field of computer chip repairing is expanding day by day. we provide you best career in this field. Along with that, it is a perfect scope if you are looking for a career change.We are spliting the Syllabus in following Modules


Module 1

Laptop Computer Hardware

  • Anatomy of Computer.
  • Assembling & Dismantling of Laptop.
  • Identify the Hardware Components.
  • Hardware Components & Functions of the parts.
  • Installing Operating System
  • S.M.P.S Voltages
  • L.C.D L.E.D & Inverter Replacement Bios Setting
  • Hard Disk partition & formatting
  • O.S Password Recovery
  • Drive Download & Installation
  • Anti-virus Installation
  • Dual O.S Installation

Module 2

Basic Electronic & S.M.P.S Repair

  • About Electronics.
  • Difference Between Electrical & Electronics.
  • About current & Voltage.
  • Type of Circuits.
  • Electronic Component Application and its characteristics.
  • Soldering Practicing
  • Logic gates & Number System
  • S.M.P.S Block Diagram
  • Transformer Working Principle
  • Bridge Rectification
  • fault finding of S.M.P.S

Module 3

Laptop Motherboard Chip Level Course

  • Architecture of Laptop Mother board
  • Working Principle of Motherboard
  • Identifying ICs,CPU,North Bridge,South Bridge,Embedded Controller,Bios,Clock,LAN,Audio
  • Types of CPU Socket & CPUs
  • identify the Manufacturer
  • RAM Application & Pin detail
  • IC's Connector,Application,Power Section & Pin detail
  • Practical

  • Tracing Power Sequence
  • VRM tracing
  • BIOS Update with EEPROM Programmer
  • Voltage &Signal Tracing
  • BGA IC Reballing with BGA machine & Reballing kit
  • Signal Tracing with Oscillloscope
  • Live Tracing with diffeterent types of Motherboards
  • Motherboard Fault finding with faulty Motherboards
  • Adaptor

  • Working principle & Block Diagram
  • Fault Finding
  • Tracing
  • Battery

  • Working Principle & Block Diagram
  • Fault Finding
  • Cell Replacement & Boosting
  • LCD

  • Working Principle & Block Diagram
  • LCD/ LED & Invertor replacment &Pin detail
  • Fault Finding
  • Keyboard & TouchPad

  • Working Principle
  • Replacment Pin Details